Про Госдеп и выпечку // On the Department of State and cookies

Поехала я, значит, сегодня в ГосДеп. Думаю, всем известных печенек наемся, а заодно бумаги заверю у нотариуса. И бумаги-то я заверила, а вот ни крошечки не дали! Хорошо, что перед этим успела съесть пончик. 

Между прочим, узнала заодно много важных вещей, например, что дерево штата НЙ - это сахарный клен. Конечно, кому нужен простой клен.

Где печеньки?

Ok, today I went to the Department of State to get some papers to the notary. In Russia the official media say, that the DoS favours the russian people who participate in demonstrations against the official government in Russia and give them „cookies from the Department of State“. And I was really hungry, so I was hoping to get some. And no way, not a single cookie crumb, not a dough piece! So good, that I ate a donut just before entering the building, at least I had something in my stomach. 

And by the way, today I found out that the state tree of the State of New York is the sugar maple. Well, yes, who wants to have just a simple maple as the state tree? 

And where are my cookies?

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